Sugar remains an undeniably important part of modern life.

Sugar is hidden in Food

For the past 3 decades sugar has been found in the ingredients of every food and beverages. This is because sugar plays various functional roles (balancing acidity to preventing spoilage) in products. Sugar is much more than just a sweet taste.

Reduced sugar means reduced calories

Reality is when sugar is moved from a food there are new ingredients that are needed to replace both the flavour and functionality of sugar. This often results in bringing in the same or even more calories to a product than sugar does. So read the product labels before you blindly reach out.

Making sugar is a complicated process

Nothing could be less true. You can make sugar at home. Sugar is simply removed from the plant washed crystallized and dried.

Raw sugar is healthier than table sugar

Your body handles sugar the same way, there is no difference. Sugar has only 15 calories per teaspoon.

Sugar is a highly glycaemic food

Sugar has moderate impact on blood glucose, similar to that of wheat bread. The GI of sugar is 65, falling in the moderate GI range of 56 to 69.

Sugar causes chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease

Excess calories from all foods and beverages, can lead to weight gain, increasing the risk of obesity and other chronic diseases. But research does not show a direct link between sugar and these other diseases.

Sugar is addictive

All that science tells us is that sugar tastes good and people like eating food that tastes good. Eating something you enjoy increases the dopamine in the way that all pleasurable experiences do but that is not addiction.

Sugar is toxic

Sugar is an abundant carbohydrate that is produced is plants and is made up of units of glucose and units of fructose. Glucose is found in all plant foods and fructose is found abundantly in fruits. Sugar is a sweet energy source especially when enjoyed in moderation.

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