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Q: SQL Server CE 3.5 Management Studio doesn't show the tables I have a SQL Server CE 3.5 database that is located on my desktop (W7). Whenever I open my database in the SQL Server Management Studio version 8.0, I do not see any of the tables on the left panel. However, in other database editions (like SQL Server Express Edition 2008), I do see the tables. In my database design window, I can see the tables. I have tried to load the database using: i.e., i just double-clicked the database file to open in the SSMSEdit. Have I done anything wrong? Is there a way to fix this? A: Tables are NOT directly editable in SSMS (Management Studio). You need to right-click on the tables folder in the database window, and select "View Data". This will then display the table definitions, so you can edit them. Molecular basis of a defective phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase in Arabidopsis mutant lacking the nuclear-encoded isoform PEPC2. During the last few years, attention has been focused on the molecular characterization of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase (PEPC), the key enzyme in C4 photosynthesis in plants. Due to the involvement of PEPC in several aspects of plant cell metabolism, the identification and isolation of its isoforms has been difficult. In this study, we describe the characterization of a double mutant in Arabidopsis, lacking the nuclear-encoded isoform PEPC2, that shows a severe growth phenotype. Analyses of the transcription levels of this isoform and of other PEPC transcripts in wild-type and mutant plants and of the activity of PEPC protein in their mitochondria, chloroplasts and nuclei demonstrated that PEPC2 is specifically down-regulated in the mutant. The results suggest that PEPC2 plays a role in the control of the expression of other PEPC genes during plant development. As a consequence, the loss of PEPC2 in the mutant leads to a reduction of PEPC activity in chloroplasts and mitochondria. As a possible outcome of this decreased PEPC activity, we also observed increased CO2 concentration in the leaves of mutant plants, which could provide clues to understand the role of PEPC2 in C4 plant development.Project





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3D Collective Real Light 22 HDRI Pack Pro

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